About Icelandic Geographic

beautiful iceland

Iceland – this uniquely fascinating island with population less than 300.000 – rises from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at the edge of the Arctic. How appropriate for a “geographic” magazine!

Icelandic Geographic is published once a year and is 100 pages filled with articles and photographs about the astonishing Icelandic nature. The text is in English. This annual journal seeks to portray in an informative manner the most interesting and unique aspects of Iceland, and the interplay of man and nature. The writers are all thoroughly familiar with their subjects, and some of the country’s most-talented photographers have provided the images for the magazine.

The publishing company of Icelandic Geographic, Nansen Publishing, was established by Þórdís Yngvadóttir in 2012.

The magazine is sold in all major bookstores in Iceland, at Stanfords in England and through mail-orders. And we have subscribers in all continents (well – actually no order from Antartica… yet!).

A good stretch is necessary after resting most of the day

Although many wonderful places can be found on Earth nothing quite compares to laying down in the soft moss somewhere in the fresh Icelandic wilderness – and have a good relaxing stretch. For the real feeling you have to visit Iceland, but the second best is definitely getting a copy of Icelandic Geographic.