Fishing in Iceland

Fishing in Iceland

Iceland, also known as the land of fire and ice, is home to some of the best game fishing globally. With its crystal-clear, spectacular scenery and well-maintained rivers, it is no surprise that anglers have come to Iceland and fallen in love with it. Fishing for sea trout, salmon, Arctic char and brown trout under the midnight sun is a memorable experience for any angler. Fly fishing on lakes and rivers is a common sport in Iceland. An angler does not have to go far from Reykjavik to get the various types of fish. The best way to get around is a motorised campervan   or a horse drawn wagon, if you go for the traditional way make sure you have adequate insurance before you start off More information on Irish camping and fishing trips can be Horse and cart hols more in. Below is some helpful information on fishing in Iceland.

  • Brown Trout

Iceland has some of the best brown trout that you can find in the world. In rivers, some lakes, the fishing season for brown trout commences in April. The major brown trout season kicks off in May and winds up in mid-September. If you are looking for brown trout in Iceland, you can go fishing at River Laxa Myvatn, Litlaa or Galtalaekur.

  • Arctic char

These are the most popular freshwater fish in Iceland. You can find them in rivers such as River Holaa, River Sog and Brunná. The size of the char differs in each river so you ought to be prepared to have one of the most outstanding fishing moments in your life. The ideal time to fish char in Brunná is early July through to mid- August.

  • Sea Trout

The sea trout season begins in April and the peak seasons are in September and October. If you have never got the opportunity to land yourself a sea trout, you ought to sincerely consider fishing during any of these periods. You can find sea trout in River Litlaa, River Varma and Steinsmyrarvotn.

  • Salmon

In Iceland, the Salmon season kicks off in June and goes all the way to mid-September. However, in some late-run Rivers, Salmon fishing closes at the end of September. A small number of ocean ranching salmon rivers remain open until late in October. The prime time is mid-July through to mid-August. At this time, most of the Salmon fish is scheduled to be going up the home rivers to spawn. The lowest rates are usually at the onset of the season and the close of the season. Icelandic law prohibits any river from being open for Salmon fishing for over three and a half months. Some of the rivers where you can go Salmon fishing include River Breiddalsa, Jökla and Sog among others.
When fishing in Iceland, you are better off with a four wheel drive since the off-road tracks that are by the river sides are usually muddy and rough. Additionally, as an angler, remember to prepare adequately so that you can have a unique fishing trip. By doing so, you are ready for weather inclement since you will have warm clothes, a windproof jacket and rainwear as you go fishing. It is imperative to heed the advice of guides when they are available to ensure that you make the most out of your visit.



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